Ice Box Model Management (IBMM)

Model Management and Marketing

Ice Box Model Management (IBMM)


As of Oct 1st 2012, IBS Media Group, Inc. has opened up a new addition to the company. We now are seeking models of all kinds to manage. King Davis is our newly names Talent Coordinator and Booking Manager. He has an extensive background in placement and we feel that he is best fit for this job. Along side myself we will bring your career to “LIFE”.


We don’t want just anyone and everyone, ┬ájust a select few but if you think you have what we are looking for please submit your resume, 5-10 images and a brief outline of what you’er looking for from us and how we can help you. We will promptly get back to you with our final decisions.


Our client list is growing and we are working to continue to bring the best bookings that we can.


To Contact Either one of Us:


Dee Harris




King Davis